M-Engineering PDK2 Calibration for 992 Carrera Base / S / GTS

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M-Engineering is the first to market again for the 992 Carrera platform presenting our new suite of calibrations for the PDK2 gearbox!

With the 992 Carrera platform reaching new heights in torque and power levels, it has become clear that PDK flashing is required to go even further to prevent clutch slippage and hold more power down. Even with stock hardware, flashing the PDK2 will provide time improvements and an enhanced driving experience.

PDK2 Tuning Includes:
- Improved and optimized paddle to shift times in manual mode
- Adjusted clutch pressures and higher max clutch clamping forces to hold more torque
- Changes to virtual gears
- Increase in allowed torque from the engine
- Improved times at the track and drag strip
- Removal of "creep" when letting of the brake from a standstill
- For those with bigger turbos, we will also add higher auto-shift RPMs.

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