Porsche 991.1 GT3 / GT3 RS PDK Tuning

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M-Engineering is proud to offer Custom PDK Flashing for all 991.1 model Porsche cars. The Porsche PDK transmission, although amazingly advanced and complex for its time, can now be calibrated to add a slew of intricate features that did not come from the factory.

Calibration Notes for the 991 PDK Transmission

Adjustable Features:
·        Custom Shift Points in Different Drive Modes
·        Clutch Pressure Adjustment
·        Race Start/ Launch Control
·        Shift Firmness
·        Shift Speed
·        Paddle to Shift Time
·        Continuous Slip
·        Idle Creep
·        Shift Stalk Engagement
·        Dual Paddle Neutral
·        Kickdown

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