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Torsion Sway Bar, 4.5″ & 5.5″ Lift

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Rip corners with surgical precision knowing there’s exactly enough rate to hold the body steady while cutting your line through the dirt. Hit the tarmac and enjoy the benefit of the lighter rate bar cruising around town with it’s on-road feel reminiscent of an independent front suspension. No more chassis reverberation on small bumps; let the suspension dance in the level cab while hitting off-camber driveways.

The Carli Torsion Sway Bar runs drop brackets specific to the 2.5″ and 4.5″ lifts and works in conjunction with our Frame Drops and Stainless Extended End Links. In typical Carli fashion, there are no disconnects on the end links nor multiple holes in the bar to change the leverage applied. This bar is refined to work in conjunction with our custom tuned suspensions to throw an exponent on the ride quality. The rate is set, the bar will not hinder articulation justifying a disconnect. The Rate is the perfect balance splitting control and comfort – install and enjoy!

- Direct Fitment to Carli 4.5" & 5.5" Lifts with CS-FELKIT-45-17 Installed
- Replaces Immobile Factory Sway Bar with Custom Torsion Bar
- Huge Ride Quality Improvement
Fitment: 2017+ Ford F250/F350 4x4

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